Border Bees Diary

Diary of a Beekeeper in the Scottish Borders


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I am a  beekeeper living near the River Tweed on the Border between Scotland and  England. I am interested in all of the issues facing beekeepers:

  • varroa parasites,
  • pesticides,
  • importations of new alien parasites and viruses,
  • falling numbers of beekeepers and diminishing skills.

I also hope that much of the blog will celebrate the good things about bees and beekeeping – which is why we are all involved – it is a celebration of Nature, biodiversity and life itself.

Dandelions peak in early May

Dandelions provide nectar and pollen in May

3 Responses to “About”

  1. Rob said


    I’m just starting up with bee keeping, and would like to stick to local species.

    Are there any people with Black Bee swarms available in the Borders Area?
    I’m up near Dunbar.


    • If you join the East Lothian Beekeepers Association you will find a bunch of very helpful, friendly beekeepers who will get you started with bees, hives and training, the secretary’s address is below:

      Donald Smith
      (Secretary East Lothian Beekeepers Association)
      Garden Cottage
      East Lothian
      EH41 4NJ

  2. Bill said

    I have just found your Border Bees Diary via Google searches about beekeeping. I am new to beekeeping (6 months) and am involved with two new hives, and a new community who have established an apiary this year in Shropshire – about 16 hives or nucs to date. Your diary is a treat and seems to be full of really valuable information and insights. I also find the pictures you have put up on Flikr and the accompanying text describing what is shown very helpful.
    I can’t find any entries on your blog later than August 09. Have you stopped or are you having a break? I do hope that you might still be active with this stuff because there are dimensions to what you write not in most of the standard books.
    Many thanks,

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