Border Bees Diary

Diary of a Beekeeper in the Scottish Borders


The French National Beekeeping Organisation UNAF (Union Nationale Apiculture Francais) has produced a 12 point Charter for Beekeeping which it has taken around the country. They have invited politicians, mayors, head teachers, local personalities etc. – and all citizens – to sign-up to this charter as part of an educational programme called ‘Bees – Guardians of Nature’. This has also involved placing hives of gentle bees in prominent public places – parks, gardens, school grounds, council-office courtyards etc. It would be great if the BBKA would adopt this Charter – or produce a similar one.

A local mayor signs the Charter for Bees



1. Join with UNAF to gain government support for a genuine protection of bees
2. Demand a strict application of Directive 91/414 to control agricultural pesticides
3. Encourage a farming system which respects the natural environment
4. Ban the use of pesticides, toxic to bees, from all parks, gardens & civic land.
5. Do not proceed with the licensing of genetically modified crops in France
6. Plant flowers which provide pollen and nectar for bees and insects
7. Promote advisory and educational materials for farmers
8. Encourage the creation of new bee colonies and new beekeepers
9. Encourage knowledge and education of bees and beekeeping among the public
10. Promote the role of the bee as a sentinel or watchdog for the wider environment
11. Promote the economic value of beekeeping and research to help it flourish
12. Encourage international exchanges between beekeepers to foster co-operation


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