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Last Flight of the Honeybee

Posted by borderglider on June 3, 2008

Oilseed rape is treated with Imidacloprid and other Neo-Nicotinoid Pesticides

Alison Benjamin is a Guardian journalist who has written extensively on the issue of Colony Collapse Disorder in the USA and the recent mass poisoning of colonies in the German Rhineland. On 31st May she published a major article which was the fruit of her visit to California’s Central Valley where she interviewed Dave Hackenberg – the bee-farmer who first told the world about CCD when he lost 400 hives in Florida.

Hackenberg has been intimately involved in the struggle to find out what is causing CCD and has given dozens of interviews to journalists and researchers over the last year. Interestingly – he has now concluded for himself that “Neonicotinoid Pesticides are at the root of CCD.”

Visit the Guardian article at:

Hackenberg, 59, wears cowboy boots, a checked shirt and blue jeans. He even has a hard hat in the shape of a Stetson, with netting attached that he wears when unloading beehives. He began his own investigations into what killed 2,000 of his honeybees at the end of 2006, by talking to growers and reading up on pesticide use and research into their effects on bees. “It’s those new neonicotinoid pesticides that growers are using,” he says. “That’s what’s messing up the bees’ navigation system so they can’t find their way home. . . . Tests have shown that the pesticides Hackenberg refers to can interfere with the bees’ communication and orientation skills, and also impair memory

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